Thank you for your email.  And we should thank you for letting us adopt Addy!  We have been having a
great first day.... she will be worn out tonight!!  I can already tell what a special dog she is and she is fitting
into our family perfectly!  I really feel that this was meant to be for us and we are so happy, I can't thank
you enough.

I took a few pictures of her this afternoon in the backyard that I am attaching for you.  (I even threw in
one of Sam!).  Hope you enjoy them!

Hi Kathie!                                                                                                                                                        August 8, 2009

My daughter and I go on your website every few weeks to check out the new puppies and see all that is going on!  I love the
update part on all the past litters.... it is great!  I thought I would send you an update on Addy now that we have almost
had her for 2 years!!  She is still just the best dog and has brought us so much happiness.  She loves the water and is always
by our pool when the kids are out swimming.  She also loves chasing the hose and the sprinkler... it has provided us with a lot
of entertainment!  :)  Sam (our other Aussie) is getting older but Addy is trying to keep her young.  They still play together
and Addy seems to really look out for Sam.  I am attaching a couple new pictures for you.  Hope you are all well!

Julie Midgley