Available Adult Dogs
It always breaks our hearts when the time comes to adopt out these beloved dogs that
we have cared for and loved for so many years.  But, we know that giving them a
chance at a new life, with the one-on-one attention that they deserve is always the best
thing for them.  These dogs will only be allowed to go to the best of homes.  So, if you
are looking for a mature Australian Shepherd, and would consider adopting one of
these great dogs, please let us know.
Black-Tri Female

"King's Gate's Waltzing Matilda"

The picture to the left does not do Tillie justice - I need to get
a better picture, or better yet, come see her in person.

Tillie is a three year old Black-Tri female with the deep
copper points.  She is red factored, and has produced reds
with our red, and red factored, males.  Her pups have been
some of the most beautiful pups we've produced.

We would love to have her find a home with another breeder,
since she does so well. She is AKC registered and would be
adopted with full breeding rights.

Otherwise, Tillie would be suited best in a one person home
who could spend time working with her, or a farm where she
can be free to roam.  She has been a kennel dog for the last
three years and, although she does extremely well off least,
she displays some aggression when confined in a kennel.