King's Gate Kathie's One Cool UDSA Choice Dude
Black Tri Male
Angus is our newest male to come and join the "pack" here at King's Gate.  I searched long and hard for a male that could
replace our Rocky Mtn High (Denver) and finally found Angus down south from a small breeder who raised him from a pup.  
We were so blessed when they decided to let us purchase him for our breeding program.

Angus is on the larger side and that is what we were looking for in a male.  He is a Black Tri who is red factored.  So we are
sure that he is going to produce some awesome pups of all colors.  He is a gentle giant and so far, unlike our other boys, he
has been able to live in the house with us.  I couldn't be happier!

We are so happy, proud, and most of all blessed, by having Angus join our family.  And we are so grateful to Jim and Teddy
for making that possible!

Angus lived up to all of our expectations.  He sired three awesome, beautiful litters.  He was red-factored, just as we had
suspected.  And, most of all he loved Kathie more than could be imagined.

Angus passed away July 8, 2012 from complications related to heat stroke.  He was a gentle giant, and he will be missed terribly.  
Our only consolation is that he will live on in the pups he sired.  Maybe we will see a glimpse of his life in the eyes of his pups.  
That will be very special to us.  

Please, keep an eye on your dogs at all times, especially in the hot weather.  And give them plenty of water.
Please don't let this happen to you...