King's Gate Second To Last
Blue Merle Female
AKC - DN47692506
DOB - August 16, 2016
Ashland is a stunningly beautiful Blue Merle female Australian Shepherd.
Of all of the breeder females we have had over the years, Ashland is one of the best.

She has all of the best qualities of size, conformation, personality, and temperament  
that we look for in an Aussie female.  Her merling is beautiful with the white, and deep
copper points.  

She has Red Tri's in her lineage which could mean that she is red factored.  We know
that our stud dog, Gus, is red factored.  We are anxious to see if the combination of
these two will produce all four major colors  - Blue Merles, Red Merles, Black Tri's,
and Red Tri's.  We will have to wait and see.

Ashland stands 21 inches at the withers and weighs 38 pounds.

She is AKC registered.