Call Kathie at (630) 746-7844 or e-mail us at
for more information, and to schedule a visit.
We feel very strongly about placing the right pup with the right family.  Please take a minute to
fill out our
questionnaire and send it back to us.  This helps us get to know you and
understand your expectations for a pup.  Also, we will not allow any pups to be put under
contract until they are five weeks old, and have developed their individual personalities.  We
hope that this doesn't offend anyone.  And, at the same time, we hope that this shows our
commitment and responsibility to the pups that we helped bring into your life.
We encourage perspective owners to be put on our waiting list.  This helps ensure a pick of this, or a
future litter.  Click on this link to review our
Waiting List agreement.
We welcome visitors to King's Gate who would like to come out and get to know our adult dogs.  Getting to know the
Dam and Sire is an important part of choosing the right pup for you and your family.  If you find that you like a particular
dam and a particular sire, we can tell you if and when they will be bred next.  Call or write and set up an appointment.

We respectfully request that only serious parties ask to be put on the waiting list for future pups.
To have your name added to our waiting list, we ask that you send in a $25.00 non-refundable deposit.  The list will be
numbered in the order that the deposit is received, and the litter will be shown in that order.  The deposit will be applied
to the purchase price of the pup.
Available Puppies
Price includes a complete six week exam, with report and first vaccination.  
Sorry, we will not ship our pups.
Thanks to everyone who adopted pups from our Winter/Spring 2018 litters.  We always look
forward to hearing how they are doing as they grow up.
We are looking forward to our next litter that should arrive May 17, 2018.
We've been waiting for Ashland to be ready for her first litter.  Ash is a beautiful Blue
Merle with a sweet and gentle temperament.  She is being bred with Gus, which should
produce some of the most awesome Aussies we've ever had.  Keep an eye on the
website for any updates as we get closer to the due date.  
These pups will be ready for homes late June/early July 2018.
Blue Merle Female
AKC - DN47692506
DOB - August 16, 2016
Click on the picture below to learn
more about Ashland
Black Tri Male
AKC - DN40184403
DOB - May 5, 2014
Click on the picture below to learn
more about Gus
There is a chance that we may also breed Wrigley with Gus in the next few
weeks.  We'll keep you posted as to what is happening here at King's Gate.
King Alfred
Red-Tri Male
Eight months old
King Alfred, or "Alfie", is an eight month old Red-Tri Australian
Shepherd male
and is available for adoption.

Alfred was rescued by some good friends of King's Gate who wanted
to keep him so badly, but couldn't handle a fourth dog.  

We have had him here at King's Gate for about two months and
absolutely love this guy.  He is the typical happy Aussie.  He loves
everyone - both two and four legged.  Kathie really wanted to keep
him, but the truth is that we don't have room for another male.

He is up to date on all of his vaccinations, and he has not yet been

Please give Kathie a call at (630) 746-7844 for more information about