Tara Bull's Mr. Wigglebutt
Beckham was whelped November 2004,
and lived with Tara in San Diego until
they moved to Illinois in Jan 2006.  
Beckham carries ACA and APRI
registrations.  Beckham is a
Black Tri
with white and copper markings.  He is
energetic and incredibly agile.  He shows
great potential for agility trail competition.
 Beckham weighs 52 lbs and stands 21
inches at the withers.  He lives with Tara
and Cat in Winfield, IL.
Beckham loves to play and romp in the
snow. These pictures were taken
during the last snow day in late 2006.
Tara and Cat are to the right with their
best friend, Beckham!
Beckham was the cutest puppy. Look
at the big brown eyes, who can say no
to this face!
Beckham has the most beautiful
markings. He is a black tri with
black/white/tan markings.  He is
absolutely beautiful.
Beckham and Herculez are the best of
friends and love to watch the action
out the front window.