Hi Kathie and Joe,                                                                                                        June 22, 2010

It looks like you had quite a busy spring!!  I have been meaning to send updates, but time has
flown by and I can't believe how quickly!  We have Koko's Pocahontas who we've named Bella.  
She is doing great and has been from the moment we brought her home.  She is wonderful with
the kids and has a sweet relationship with our older dog.  Bella has been a little star at her
training classes and I'm really hoping that in the future, she might be certified to do some Pet
Therapy work with me.  She is so smart and she certainly has the disposition for it, so I'm
betting she'll be a great "therapist" :)

I'll attach a couple pictures to this...some from earlier and some more recent.

Thanks so much!
Tori Franklin