King's Gate Wee Rouge of Kells
Keltie was retired after having just one litter of pups.  She had a rough time of it, and we decided that it would be
best for her that we don't put her through it again.  Keltie was adopted by the Valdivia's of Kingston, IL.  She is
really enjoying the freedom that comes with her very own doggy-door.  Being able to go in and out whenever she
feels like it is a new experience for Keltie.  She has already bonded with her new family.  We are thankful that she
found such a great couple to love her.
Keltie was welped August 9, 2005,
and came to King's Gate in April of
2006.  She is a
Blue Merle with
heavy black coloring, but her most
stricking feature is her powder blue
eyes.  Keltie is the youngest of the
pack and has already had some
agility training.  Keltie weighs 40 lbs.
and stands 19 inches at the withers.
 She is ASCA registered.  Her sire
is Texas Ram's Mr Cebu II, and her
dam, Ram's Little Miss Sheba