Joe, Kathie, and the gang,                                                                                                                                                       January 5, 2009

First of all, my apologies that it has been so long!  Life has been flying by at an alarming rate and not until finals were over for this
semester did I have a chance to sit down and write.  And then I had to wait to get some pictures as I do not have a working
camera right now and wanted to send along a few.  
Chali is doing great.  Really, really great.  She is loving life and is one tough little cookie.  She plays hard, sleeps hard (on the foot
of my bed) and has learned to settle down quietly in her crate for as long as we need her to.  She has the constant companionship
of Banjo (the Lab/Rhodesian we live with) and she really has gotten attached to everyone in the family.
The first time she met snow she thought it was chasing her from the sky, but ever since we can't get her to come indoors.  She
truly loves the cold and the big drifts to play in.  When she finally comes in, her belly and paws are covered with little icy snowballs,
but she doesn't really seem to mind.  She sometimes goes with me to work at a boarding kennel where she gets to play with our
guests.  It's great for me, as they help to wear down some of this girl's incredible energy!  
This month we're also fostering a young dog who is just Chali's size and loves to play.  We don't know how long it's been since Sasha
lived in a home, so Chali's teaching her about all the house rules and manners.  They fly through the snow drifts, chase tennis balls
or frisbees and race to be the first to demonstrate a perfect sit, down, "crate", or leave-it.  I enjoy watching the "pack" of the
three of them.  They all get along so well and keep each other entertained.   
Chali has turned out to be a gorgeous (everyone loves her eyes: her right eye turned to mostly green/brown with little blue flecks,
like you thought it might, and her left is now a very striking clear blue) and well-mannered young pup and I'm looking forward to
many Christmases enjoying her companionship.  She hasn't even bothered the Christmas tree ornaments or gifts!  (She picked up
the first "tester" gift and brought it triumphantly to me, but after being gently informed of the rules she hasn't touched them
Hope you all had a great holiday season and lots of time with family.  It gets harder every year for us to get everybody together at
the same time, but it is so worth it.  And it will come as no surprise to you to hear that Chali's favorite buddy at family gatherings
is my 3 1/2 year-old brother Jadon!  She is also quite curious and I'm sure will have a great time chasing my 9-month-old niece once
Elli gets a little more steady on her feet.
Chali has an appointment later this month with her friend at the clinic.  We'll be in touch with you then!  

Sarah & Chali
Hi Joe and Kathie,                                                                                                                                                     September 18, 2008

I thought it was about time for a puppy update.  Chali (Lee) is doing just great.  Every time we visited the vet for her puppy
shots (she just got her last set last weekend) the vet couldn't get over how great she looks.  She's doing really well with her
housetraining and has learned lots of basic commands already: sit, down, stay, off, crate, leave it, take it, come, enough, and
of course no.  She loves people in general, and also loves to play with dogs, though she is learning how to tell when they're
done playing!  She is 21 pounds and has a great appetite, and is getting very long and leggy.  She is a true joy.  She's gotten to
play with dogs, cats, donkeys, kids, and tried to play with the horse until she touched the electric fence.  Whoops, she won't
be doing that again!  Thankfully she's a smart little cookie and it only took once.  Her buddy tried it again 3 times!

I'm attaching a few pictures.  Unfortunately they aren't very good (she usually moves too fast) and as I personally have no
camera right now we have yet to record all the precious candid "poses" that occur every day.  There are also a couple of her
and and her brother Johnson from a wonderful play date a month ago.  They had so much fun!

Thanks again for my adorable little companion - keep in touch!

Sarah & Nachala Lee
Hi Joe and Kathie!                                                                                                 January 22, 2010

It's been quite awhile, but not because I've forgotten to write - I've been meaning to send an
update for a long time but here it finally is!

Chali is doing great.  She is just a little over 1 1/2 now and the perfect blend of puppy and
adult.  From what I've heard from other Aussie people, this is the stage I get to enjoy until
she's about 12.  :)  She now gets free roam of the house with Banjo, her partner-in-crime,
hasn't gotten into too much trouble yet.  She loves to be busy, and enjoys checking on the
barn cats or just anything outside.  She LOVES the snow, and it has yet to be "too cold" for
her.  (Different story for me, but at least I can send her out to play and watch from the
warm indoors.)  She has learned all sorts of cool tricks, because she really does love the
challenge of figuring out what I'm asking for.  Some of her latest are weaving through my legs
as I walk and dropping on recall.  She's getting really good at both of them, which means
she'll soon be bored and I better think of something new to have her work on.

As for me, I'm now in my final semester of the Veterinary Technician program, soon to be
studying for my certification boards and looking for a job.  I'm definitely looking forward to
it.  I'm loving school, and it's flying by so fast, but it will be good to get out in the field for
real.  I'm doing a rotation at the UWMadison Vet school in the critical care and emergency
unit and have seen some really interesting and intriguing cases.

I'll send a few pictures of Chali.  I'm getting a camera soon and I can't wait to capture some
more of those perfect moments.  The trick will just be to have it there when I need it...

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year's!  We spent lots of time with family
and friends and really enjoyed the rest and relaxation together between all the craziness of
the season!  Chali loves parties where she can play with all the little kids and grandkids - she
really will let them do absolutely anything to her!  It's so reassuring that she is really perfect
in every crowd.  And she loves mooching for attention in every crowd too!  

Say hi to everyone for us.  We would really love to come down and pay you a visit sometime -
I'm sure Chali would have the time of her life being part of the Aussie pack!  Maybe we will
have plans down your way one of these days and will have to stop in.

Much love and butt-wiggles,

Sarah & Chali
                                                                                                                               January 25, 2010

I forgot one of the pictures I've been meaning to send to you.  It illustrates the incredible
instinct of Aussie to herd and protect.  This is her with a quarter-sized pet turtle named
Jax.  She took responsibility for that baby turtle from the moment she met him and kept
track of him when I let him crawl around on the floor.  She wouldn't let any other dog near
him either!  And one of the previous pictures is her out in the barn after checking on the
cats once again.  She is such a little mother!


PS  Be sure to let me know which of the girls you will be giving up.  I'll be checking the
website as I can too.  I might be looking for a buddy for Chali come spring, and I've promised
to adopt an older dog this time.