King's Gate Black Rose of Dakota
AKC - DN22021906
Black-Tri Female
Cheyenne came to King's Gate, as a pup, in September 2008.  She was purchased from a breeder in West-central Illinois,
specifically to breed with Cowboy Blues.  She has a good AKC pedigree.

At that time, we didn’t know how many more litters Tana would have for us, so, we wanted to have an up and coming
Black-Tri female.  A couple of months later we brought Chloe into the pack.  Chloe has developed such a close bond
with Joe, that now we have decided that we have one to many Black-Tri's.  We have made the decision to offer Cheyenne
as an “older” dog.  Cheyenne is now one-and-a-half years old.

Cheyenne has a lot of energy and she is an awesome “Aussie in Progress”.  She knows all her basic commands and
can be very obedient.  She does have a mind of her own and will try to be defiant so she will need a strong master to
work with her and let her know who is boss.  She also tends to be a little shy at first.  But once she gets to know
someone or other dogs, she will become the “life of the party/pack”.  She loves to play and she is very smart.  She will be
the happiest with someone who can really make her a part of everything because she enjoys a lot of attention.

She is still young and with some training, she is going to be a great, devoted and loving companion.  She spends most
of her time with the other younger dogs and doesn’t get a lot of socialization.  But she has the skills.  She just needs
some practice and reassurance.  

Being a single companion dog is exactly what she needs.  She can be a little shy and our huge pack can sometimes
overwhelm her.  When we are able to give her the individual attention she needs, she beams!!   Literally!!!   She will give
you a big Aussie smile!  It’s so adorable!

Cheyenne is a smaller, standard Aussie.  She weighs  38 lbs. and stands 19 inches.  She will come with her AKC papers,
and is house broken and crate trained.  She is up to date on all her shots and she is a very healthy young adult dog.  She
would need to be spayed if she is not going to be in a breeding program.
Cheyenne was adopted by Lauren of Cincinnati, OH on July 9, 2010.  We are so happy that Cheyenne is given the
chance to be the awesome Aussie that we know she is.  We look forward to updates as time goes on.