Latest update...  March 18, 2018

Happy Birthday to Joe!

Thanks to everyone that adopted pups from the Winter/Spring 2018 litters.  We love getting updates as the
pups grow, and we already have heard some great reports.

Although we are looking forward to the warmer weather, Spring around King's Gate means mud!  Any of you
that have Aussies know that Aussies have the most amazing coat.  Nothing sticks to it!  The girls do their
Aussie version of lady mud wrestling, then come in and dry off.  The dirt falls right off of them.  The next day,
I just sweep out their kennels.

We are looking forward to our next litter which will be Ashland's first litter.  We have bred her with Gus over
this past week, which means that we will be expecting pups on or around May 17, 2018.  The pups will be
ready for homes late June/early July 2018.

We know that Gus is red factored, and we suspect that Ashland is also.  If so, this means they might throw all
of the four major colors - Blue Merles, Red Merles, Black Tri's and Red Tri's.  We can't wait to see these pups.

We will keep you posted on this and any other up coming litters.  Wrigley is due to cycle soon, so we will
probably breed her also.

Keep in mind that we do have a couple of adult dogs that we are retiring and looking for good homes.  You
can see them on the Adult Dogs page of the website.

You can always contact Kathie at the main number (6
30) 746-7844 or e-mail at
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