Latest update...  June 4, 2018

It has been an amazing run.  We have been talking about retiring for some time now, but I have to say that it is
really happening.  We will always remember these 14 years with such fond memories.  We have blessed, and
been blessed by so many families that we have connected with through these amazing dogs.

I have resisted the urge to sift through all of the records and see just how many pups we have produced.  It
humbles me to think that, it is safe to say that, it is in the hundreds.

Over all of these years, we have had the honor to have been given the love of some of the best dogs that
ever walked the planet.  It all started when Kathie gave me Logan for Valentine's Day in 2003.  He was such
an awesome boy that, on our daughter Jessica's Birthday in September 2003, we gave her Watts.  It was in
April 2004 that they had their first litter, and so began King's Gate Australian Shepherds.

We decided early on that we would only keep our breeder females to the age of five, then they would be
retired at an age where a family could enjoy them for their remaining 10 years.  There was Watts, and Lady,
Reddick, Keltie, Tana, Lucy, Koko, Tacona, Sally, Jude, Joy, Angel, Keelie, Libby, Mel B (aka Spooky), Bella, L.
C., Tillie, Agnes and of course, my special girl - Chloe.  Chloe attached herself to me from day one.  I am so
thankful that Liz loved her as much as I did, and gave her the perfect forever home.

Chloe was by far the best herding dog we ever had.  For a while, we would board dogs at the Jefferson
property, and one of our frequent guests was an English Pointer.  This dog was a running fool!  It would
outlast the Aussies when it came to non-stop running, but it wouldn't listen when it was time to come in.  One
day, I went out with Chloe to try to catch this dog, when I realized that Chloe was herding it.  Chloe darted
back and forth across the yard anticipating its next move until, in a matter of about three minutes, Chloe had
the Pointer cornered in the yard.  I walked out with a leash, clipped it on and lead the dog back in.  Chloe had
the ability to corner a half a dozen other Aussies, which made her very unpopular amongst her peers.

Then there were the studs.  Logan was the first, and sired four litters.  Beckham sired a couple, and Zack, just
one. Then, everything changed when we got Cowboy Blues.  Blue was the ultimate breeder stud.  He was
handsome, good natured, and he knew how to woo the girls.  We found that it is much more than a simple
biological process, the girls need to like their sire or they won't stand, and they all loved Blue.  If I were to
guess, I would say Blue probably sired 25 litters in his six years as a stud.  Definitely the top dog.

Blue was followed closely by Denver.  Denver was our first truly athletic Aussie.  He had the drive and
intelligence to pick up on any task that we asked him to do.  With no formal training at all, Denver became an
incredible disk (Frisbee) dog.  He would fetch and return anything that we could throw, and he had a natural
herding instinct.  Denver produced some great pups that went on to be agility dogs, disk dogs, and herding
dogs.  Most of his pups also inherited his "big hair".  Denver was a double coated Aussie.  

Kathie's Angus was a gentle giant.  He was the biggest male we ever had.  Rocky only sired a couple.  Then
came Tucker.  Tucker was the smallest of all the males, but he didn't let that stop him.  He sired maybe 10 or
12 litters.  The girls loved him, too.  What made Tucker so special is that he is what we call a "Phantom Merle"
lthough he looked like a Black Tri, he was actually a Blue Merle.  He had the slightest amount of merling on
his right front leg, and left cheek.  
He produced some of the most beautiful merles ever.

Our last stud was Gus.  Gus did a great job for us, and even studded out on a few occasions to sire litters for
other breeders.

We sold the West Chicago house yesterday.  With God's grace, the deal will go through and we will close the
end of July 2018.  Kathie and I will be relocating to the North Woods of Wisconsin where we look forward to
spending time together, and maybe even travel together - something that we haven't been free to do for

A wonderful family adopted Gus, Wrigley, and Tillie yesterday.  They were not sure whether they wanted to
breed right away.  If so, we will help them in any way we can.  They have a good start with these three.

L.C.'s and Ashland's pups will be our last.  If you know anyone who might be interested in one of these
awesome Aussies, They will be available in just a few weeks.

L.C. and Bella will be looking for homes if you know someone that would be interested in an older dog.

God bless all of you that we have come to know through these incredible animals.


You can always contact Kathie at the main number (630) 746-7844 or e-mail at
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