Hi Joe,                                                                                                                                                                                January 11, 2010

Thanks for letting me know...if any of the other female's potential owners change their mind, please keep me in mind!  I would
gladly adopt another and welcome her with her sibling!  We are all in love with Dale, he is a sweet puppy and fitting in well.  He even
went over and picked up the tail of one of the cats today...she just looked at him and walked away but it was pretty darn cute.  

Here's a few pics from his first night, he loves Tom's shoes for some reason :-\ .  We will stay in touch, thanks for giving us the
opportunity to adopt him.

                                                                                                                                                                                                              March 19, 2010
Hi Kathie & Joe,

We wanted to send a quick update...Cooper is a great addition to our family, we all adore him!  He loves long walks, is very friendly, that
silly little tail wags like crazy when he sees people or other dogs.  His favorite toys are the sticks in the yard...lol.  We have already
completed Puppy 1 class and started Puppy 2, he is such a quick learner and we are having a lot of fun introducing him to new things and
learning with him.    Here are a couple of pictures from this week, 4 months old already! He is growing so fast but sure is a handsome guy!!

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the brief spring weather til the snow comes tomorrow :)

Linda & Tom