January 2, 2010

We were so happy to get the phone call from Chris, asking
if we could watch Dolly over the Christmas Holiday.  
Dolly was the pup that we called "Gretchen" from our
very first litter.  Her dam is "Watts" and her sire "Logan".

Unfortunetly, the records for that first litter had been
lost years ago, and to this point, the only pup that we
knew its whereabouts was "Waylon".

It was so much fun seeing Dolly, and spending time with
her.  At three-and-a-half years of age, she is a beautiful,
mature, and confident, adult dog.

We hope to see her again in the future.
                                                 April 25, 2010

Dolly came to stay with us, once again, over
the past week.  She is such an awesome
Aussie, and Chris has done a great job
working with her.

Chloe and Dolly became best of friends
during this stay, and Dolly fit right in with
the rest of the pack.  I wouldn't be
surprised if Dolly slept for a week when she
got back home.

We sure look forward to the next time we
can see her, and all of our past pups.