Hello Kathie and Joe,                                                                        October 21, 2009

I thought it was about time to drop you another line about our little boy.  Ender
has been a little bundle of joy from the moment we brought him home.  There was a
lot of learning about responsibility from my side, but I’m picking things up about as
fast as he is.  We already have him sitting, staying, shaking and dancing AND Ender
has me getting up earlier, walking with him and generally wrapped around his little
paw (Nicki is worse than I am!)  

We have had multiple parties and he seems to love everyone who comes over… but
not as much as they all love him.  Little Ender has been around a couple other dogs
now (still being cautious since he hasn’t finished his shots) and has done very well
with them.  He couldn’t be more perfect...  minus the puppy potty mistakes and
chewing, which are quickly dwindling in number.  Thank you so much for helping us
to add a beautiful new member to our family.  We both are so happy and can’t wait
until next summer so we can get the little guy outside running around and hanging
out with other dogs.  He truly is the perfect little aussie.

I’ve attached a few photos of him in a zip file and will continue to send more if
that isn’t a problem!  We’ll have to bring him down there some time over the next
couple months to say hello to his mom, dad, aunt Kathie and uncle Joe.