King's Gate Small Town Country Girl
Registration Pending
Black-Bi Female
Findlay came to King's Gate in August of 2011 from a breeder
in Findlay, IL, a small town in Southern Illinois.  

We were looking for another Black-Tri or Bi to take Chloe's
place when she retires this year.  So, Kathie contacted the
breeder where she had found Angus.

Angus was such an awesome boy, and when we found that
Findlay is Angus's sister from a later litter, we just had to have

Findlay is a sweet, calm, gentle and loving girl.  She loves
people, and especially kids.  

Findlay was bred for the first time with our "Tucker" and had a
litter of eight in January 2013.

Findlay was born June 5, 2010
Findlay is 20 inches tall and weighs 38 lbs.

Her sire is;
Scott's Chief Bull of Woods - AKC DN14619801

Her dam is;
Jesse Scott - ASCA E146220