Hi Kathie and Joe!

The vet that we are taking Helo to said that they like to do their shots and check-ups at 8, 12, and 16
weeks.  He had his 8 week check-up on Tuesday and was 10 lbs..  He took his shot like a champ!  His
testicles still have not dropped.  The vet did feel his left one, but had a hard time trying to locate his
right.  We will see how things progress at his 12 week check-up.

Helo is doing a fairly good-job with his house-breaking.  Luckily, we have hardwood floors which makes
clean-up a lot easier whenh e does have an accident.  We are crate training him and he has not had an
accident in his crate in last few days which is great!

Helo is a very smart pup!  He comes when he is called (he knows his name very well) he knows how to sit,
and just within the last day Joe has taught him to "lay".  

Helo loves to nip at our heals and bite at us, but we know that it is just the puppy in him, as well as his
breed.  Hopefully he will learn that he doesn't need to "heard" us. :-)

I have attached some more pictures.  Our neighbor took some prfessional pictures of Helo, but we
haven't gotten a chance to see them yet.  I will share them once we do!

Greeting from Kalamazoo!                                        July 21, 2010

    Helo is now 3 months old and growing by the day!  He just had his
12 week check-up on Tuesday and he weighed in at 16.5 pounds.  He
received his distemper vaccine and another vaccine for kennel
cough.  He have signed him up for dog training classes through the
Kalamazoo Dog Training Club.  Orientation is on September 15th
and Helo's first class will be the following week.  He will be just
about 5 months old when he starts.  At the check-up on Tuesday,
Helo's testicles still had not dropped and the vet was unable to feel
either of them.  We are hoping they drop by his 16 week check-up.

   Helo is a very active pup.  He loves talking walks and playing on the
school playground that is near our home.  He goes down slides, walks
across bridges, and goes through tunnels.  It's great!  Every time we
pass by someone on our walks they tell us how beautiful and friendly
Helo is.  He has great markings and striking eyes!  During the 4th of
July weekend we went to Joe's family cottage.  Helo loves playing in
the sand, but was a little hesitant about going in the water.  He sat
in our lap for the fireworks and didn't seem to be too bothered by
them.  We have taught Helo to ring a small bell by the back door if
he needs to go outside to go to the bathroom.  Monday was the
first day with no accidents in the house!  He is a very smart dog and
we are very lucky and happy to have him!

  We hope you are all doing well and staying cool!  See pictures
attached. :-)

Kitty and Joe