Stormie Knights Shadow Snatcher

AKC - DN11870103
Red Tri Male
Herculez was whelped June 26, 2005, and
was adopted by Ann and the boys in Jan
2006.  Herculez carries AKC registration.  
Herculez is a
Red Tri with white and some
copper markings.  He weighs 54 lbs and
stands 23inches at the withers.  

Herculez is our "Reddick's" litter mate.

Herculez sire is Thornapple Red Hot Rythum
(Red Tri), and dam, Calamity Jane (Blue
Merle) .  Herculez lives with Ann, Eli, Amad
and Akiem in Winfield, IL.
Herculez was our first AKC stud, and probably the most handsome Red Tri male we have ever seen.  Unfortunetly, our
hopes were dashed when we found out that he was infertile, and could never sire a litter.