King's Gate Jennifer Juniper
AKC - DN18394201
Blue Merle Female
It breaks my heart to sit here and write this tribute to this beautiful, sweat, gentle and loving dog.  Jenny passed away on June 26,
2009 from complications due to Canine Epilepsy.  In the last few months of her life, Jenny touched the hearts of dozens of people,
and will forever be remembered for her sweat and happy nature.  We will never forget that little tail of hers that never stopped
wagging, even when she was going through the worst of it.

We can all learn a lot from this precious life; how to stay positive in the worst of times, and how to keep smiling when everyone
around you feels like crying.  Jenny was a special dog and will always have a special place in our hearts.
Jenny came to King's Gate in December 2008.

Jenny was whelped February 9, 2007.  She is an absolute
sweetheart, without an agressive bone in her body.  She loves
to sit quietly with her people, but is not affraid to mix it up with
the other dogs when it's play time.  

Her size and structure are perfect for an Aussie female, and
her merling is unique with her hind quarters being mostly
brown.  Her copper points accent her face and legs.  She is a

To add to her unique look, Jenny has one blue eye and one
brown eye.

She is one cool dog!
Jenny stands 20 inches and weighs 40 pounds.

Her sire is:  Playful Pups Midnight Maverick - DN10798405

and her dam:  Holiday "Holly" Berry Rudd - DN02053907