King's Gate/Kowboy K's Klassy Keelie
AKC - DN19998305 / ASCA - E162152
Red-Bi Female
Keelie came to King's Gate January 30, 2012, after a long
car drive from Aberdeen, SD.  Lucky, for us, the winter of
2012 was one of the mildest in midwest history, so the
twelve hour drive up wasn't so bad.  The twelve hour
drive back wasn't as easy.

Keelie grew up on a working farm in East-Central South
Dakota.  Her owners Amanda & Jordan Boulais, own and
operate Kowboy Cut Kennels.  

Keelie would help Amanda with her daily chores around
the farm and loved to lay in the wet straw.  Which, has a
very unique smell.... Something that Kathie and I weren't
expecting.  But, at about hour eight of the return trip to
West Chicago, we started to get used to it.

We stopped at a PetSmart for a quick self-serve bath and
finished the trip.

Keelie is about the sweetest girl you could ever find.  She
just goes with the flow, and is always smiling.  She gets
along great with all of the other dogs here at King's Gate
and fit right in from the start.

Adjusting from farm life to house life took a little time, but
now has the daily routine down like she's been here

Keelie is a Red-Bi and was whelped November 12, 2007.

She will be five years old in November of 2012 and will
most likely be retired from breeding, as is our custom.  
She will need to be spayed at that time.

Keep an eye on our Available Adult Dogs page if you
think you might be interested in giving her a future home.
Keelie carries dual registrations with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and Australian
Shepherd Club of America (ASCA).

CERF# AS-9867/2010-33  CLEAR

Keelie stand 21 inches tall and weighs 45 pounds

Her sire is:  Cedar Creek Cowboy  AKC- DL86447803
and her dam:  Cinnamon's Classy Camilla  AKC - DN07780302