King's Gate Creme D' Kokopelli
APR - E08-WX-DR-20252F
Red-Bi Female
Koko came to King's Gate in October 2008.

She was whelped April 17, 2008.

Koko is a beautiful Red-Bi female, which in the
Aussie color spectrum is pretty rare.  
Second only to a Red Solid, which is the

Koko has a very sweet and gentle personality.  
She is such a pleasure to have around.  And, if
you come out and visit us, Koko will be one of
the first that you meet.

Koko has matured into a wonderful dog, has
been bred with her sire Cowboy Blues, and
has produced some of the best pups ever.

The decision to retire Koko was a difficult one,
but we felt in the long run she deserved the
one-on-one attention that comes with a family.

We will miss her, but look forward to updates
as time goes on.
Koko's sire is:  Hooch's Country Sugar Bear - C06-ZA-DR-20126T

and her dam:  Shebear of the Country - A06-YV-DR-20087G