Her Majesty, the Princess Mika
Mika was whelped in September of 2003 and was
adopted by Kathie in November of 2003.  

Mika is a
mixed breed of unknown origin, but probably
one of the coolest dogs you'd ever meet.  It would be
impossible for us to have so many dogs if it wasn't for
Mika.  Mika is the pack leader, and everyone knows it.

Whether it was because Mika was the first dog, or that
Mika is a natural leader, we'll never know, but Mika is
"The Boss", and she has the shirt to prove it!

Mika acts as the coach, referee, entertainment
director, and most recently, the baby sitter of the
puppies. She was spayed early on, so unfortunately,
there won't be any baby Mika's.