King's Gate Big Chief Lil' Pawnee
Registration Pending
Blue Merle Female
Pawnee came to King's Gate from a breeder in Central Illinois, and
once again has the same parents as Angus and Findlay.  

At 55 lbs, Pawnee is a bigger girl and more closely resembles her
big brother Angus then her big sister Findlay.  

She is sweet and gentle, and a little reserved at first, but warms up
to new people right away.  She was recently bred with Rocky and
is pictured here with her first litter of seven pups.

Pawnee is a wonderful girl and is turning out to be a great mom.

Pawnee's birthday is January 31, 2011.
Pawnee is 21 inches tall and weighs 55 lbs.

Her sire is;
Scott's Chief Bull of Woods - AKC DN14619801

Her dam is;
Jesse Scott - ASCA E146220