King's Gates Redneck Merlie Gal
AKC Registration number - DN11870104
"Reddick (now Rekken)"
Red-Merle Female
Reddick was whelped June 26, 2005 and came to
King's Gate in November of 2005.

She is very gentle and lovable by nature, which is
a good thing since she is the largest of the adult
females.  Her build and stance are majestic, and
her fuller coat and markings are perfect.  She loves
to run and play hard, but is the first to crawl up on
your lap and cuddle on a cold night.

Her natural maternal instincts show in the way she
cares for, and trains her pups.  She has become
our most sought after dam, and her pups are some
of the best.

Reddick weighs 52 lbs. and stands 21 inches at the
Reddick - Fall 2008
Reddick with Lady and Denver - Fall 2008
Reddick's sire is:  Thornapple Red Hot Rythum - DN04818913
(Red Tri),

and her dam:  Calamity Jane - DL80806302
(Blue Merle) .
Hi Joe and Kathie,                                                                                                                                                                                November 17, 2010

It's hard to believe that Rekken's only been with me for 5 months - it feels like years already.  She is doing so well.  We took a Rally class over the summer
and she seemed to really enjoy it.  She also made the AKC's Canine Good Citizen certification look like child's play - she was a star.  She is very very
devoted, and extremely loyal.  She warms up to other people fine and doesn't mind other dogs but she sticks to me like glue.  She is a cuddlebug, and will
do anything for food.  

I hope to bring her back for a visit one of these days.  I know she would be happy to see all of you.  Thanks again for such a special dog.

I'm sending a couple pictures of her, one with her current foster "sister".  I've had a couple foster dogs in the past few months and she is a great help with
teaching them manners.  This girl is only 7 months old so having an older role model is especially good for her.  I don't think she minds the company either.

I'm also sending you another very special picture.  My cousin got a lucky snapshot and it is my absolute favorite.  Maybe you could use it as her picture on
the website.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Sarah and Rekken