King's Gate Mockingbirds Distinct Impression
AKC - DN15725104
Red Merle Female
Sally came to King's Gate in May 2009.

She is a sweat and gentle natured Red Merle Female with very soft
red and copper markings.  Her eyes are both light blue with flecks.  
She is an average size standard Aussie female, and stands 20
inches at the withers and weighs 41 pounds.

Sally was whelped August 11, 2006.

She had one successful litter before we adopted her to King's Gate,
and now has had one beautiful litter for us.  

Her sire is:  Mockingbirds Man of Distinction
AKC - DN10807202

Her dam is:  Mockingbirds Annie Oakley
AKC - DN05638504
Sally hanging out with Mika, Tana, and Tchona.