King's Gate Waltzing Matilda

Black-Tri Female

AKC - DN39077706
DOB February 22, 2014
Tilley is a four year old, Black-Tri, Australian
Shepherd female.  Her temperament is very
sweet and gentle, although she is very shy and
reserved around strangers.  Tilley has always
gotten along with other dogs.

She is a beautiful girl, and has one of the most
beautiful coats that we have ever seen on an
Aussie.  It is every bit as shiny as it appears in
these pictures.  She has white markings with
deep copper points.  She is red-factored and
has thrown red pups in her litters with Gus.  

Tilley is house trained, and will do very well as
a companion dog - especially for a single
person.  She
will bark aggressively when
strangers come to the door, so her new owner
should be aware of that.

We hope to find her a home with a single
person that has time to spend with her and
just simply love her.  She is very smart and,
we are sure that she will adapt to her new
home quickly.

Otherwise, Tilley is still a very good and
healthy breeder.  She is AKC registered and
could be adopted with full breeding rights.

Tilley stands 21 inches and weighs 45 lbs.