"Marshall Tucker"
MyLots Naughty Morning

MASCA - M-4465-03
Blue Merle Male
I know what you are thinking...  "That's not a Blue Merle, that's a
Black-Tri!  No, Tucker is in fact a Blue Merle.

Tucker is what some describe as a "Phantom Merle".  If you look
closely at the picture, on his right front leg and on the left side of his
face, he has a very small amount of merling.

Tucker came to King's Gate in the Summer of 2012.  

He was only eight months old at the time, and had already won many
awards in Confirmation Trials in the under one year category.

Tucker was bred to be a miniature Aussie, and his current registration
is with MASCA (Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of America).  But,
mini Aussies are classified under 18 inches tall.  Tucker is 20 inches
tall, and is considered a standard Aussie.

Tucker is a smaller male, weighing 45 lbs., which we think is a great
size for a male.  Standard Aussie males typically range in size from 45
lbs. to 55 lbs., although some get up into the 60's and 70's.

One of Tucker's most striking traits is his powder blue eyes.  When
Aussies first came to America, the Native Americans called them "Ghost
Eyes".  It's fairly common to have a merle with blue eyes, but we are
hoping that he will pass this on to some of his solid offspring.  Our Bella
is a Black-Tri with blue eyes - and that is very rare.

Tucker is very sweet and gentle, but also loves to play.  We are so
proud to have him as the male of the pack.