King's Gate Classy Red Lass
Watts was our first breeder female, and she is a beauty of a Red Tri Aussie.  Unfortunetly, Watts contracted a
fungal infection in her sinuses that made it impossible for her to be bred again.  It was a sad day when we had to
make the decision to retire her.  We worried that no one would want a dog that would need medication for the rest
of her life.  But, amazingly, a family stepped forward and offered her a chance at life.  A special thanks to the
Morrison's of Greenwood, IN for adopting Watts.  The Morrison's already have two special needs rescue dogs, and
are willing to give Watts an opportunity for a long and happy life.  We will miss her, but know that she will be getting
the best care possible.
  Watts was whelped April 11, 2004,
and came to King's Gate in June of
2004.  Watts is a beautiful
Red Tri
female, with perfectly symmetric
markings on her face.  She is APR
registered.  Watts weighs 37 lbs and
stands 18 inches at the withers.  Her
sire is Ru-Cu' Red Magic Fantasia (Red
Merle) and her dam, Sabba (Red Tri).
Watts was the cutest little fur ball
when she was a pup and right from
the beginning she was Jessica's dog.
    Watts is a very lovable and dedicated dog. By far
Watts has the fullest and most beautiful coat of all
our Aussies. She has been officially named the cute
and fluffy one. The name Watts was taken for the
movie, Some kind of Wonderful, an 80's classic. In the
movie Watts was a tough tomboy with a very strong
attitude toward life. We chose to name her Watts
because even as a puppy we could see she had a
strong personality and just an altogether tough girl
attitude just like a tomboy. Watts is a very unique
name but it fits her perfectly.    
Watts is four years old and had her first litter in
the spring of 2006. She is the oldest female Aussie
here at King's gate. Her most impressive features
are her coat and her short and stocky body.  Her
snout is also shorter which gives her a very distinct
and cute look.