Blue Merle Female

"King's Gate Final One"

AKC - DN45870502

Whelped April 12, 2016
Wrigley came to King's Gate in the Fall of 2016.  

Kathie was so pleased with the temperament and
confirmation of our male, "Gus", that she
contacted the same breeder when she was
looking for a new female.

After a few phone calls and emails, Kathie
decided to make the drive down to Texas to pick
up Wrigley.

Wrigley has been just what we were looking for
in a female breeder.  She is gentle and sweet in
her temperment, the perfect size for a female
Aussie, and her coat and markings are beautiful.

She was bred with Gus for the first time in the Fall
of 2017.  She did a great job as a first time mom.