King's Gate Ramblin' Man
Black-Tri Male
AKC - DN16678301
Zack is a big bear of a Black-Tri male.  He weighs 52 pounds
and stands 23 inches tall.  His size and structure are great
for an adult male Aussie.  His coat is long and full.  He is
mostly black with some copper and white.  His mane is full
and accented white.

He is attentive to his people and follows commands like a

He is lovable by nature, as most Aussie males are, but
mixes it up with the rest when at play.  One of the traits that
we look for in a good breeder is if the dog will allow you to
hug them.  This may sound silly, but an adult dog that will sit
patiently while being gently restrained by a human, shows
that they are willing to listen to and work for people.

Zack loves his hugs!
Zack came to King's Gate in December of 2008, along with his pals, Chloe and Jenny.  We really didn't need another Black Tri male, since
we already have Denver, but he was such a handsome and good natured guy that we couldn't pass him up.  The breeder was insistent
on keeping the trio together, so we brought them all to King's Gate.  

We always have people inquiring about available adult dogs, so when it was time to adopt him out, we knew that we would have no
problem finding the perfect home.  
Zack was Whelped January 18, 2007

His sire is:  KG's Mahogany Star - AKC  DN07024602
His dam is:  Augie's Doggie Ollie - AKC  DL83991206