Hello,                                                         October 31, 2009

Just wanted to let you guys know that last night went very
well. Max is getting used to her but still a little unsure.
She slept through the whole night we only herd a few little
wines and then she was done. The car ride went well too. She
laid right next to my leg the whole way and didn't cry
once. She seems to be adjusting here just fine. It is super
cute to watch her play she jumps and runs all over the
living room. Just thought we would let you know how her
first night went. We will definitely keep in touch with you
and let you know how things are going.

Ashley and Bill   
Hello,                                                                         November 28, 2009

Just thought I would let you know that Arya
(arr-ee-ya) A.K.A Tanya Tucker is doing great. We have
started puppy classes with her. She is almost potty trained
she goes to the door and lets us know she has to potty. Once
or twice a day we might have to clean up an accident. She
has gotten big she is 10lbs now almost as big as Max. She is
a little bundle of electricity, lol when she gets going you
would think we feed her canned lightning. She tears around
the house, bouncing, flipping, and jumping after our other
dog. She seems to really be enjoying herself.

We finally got her crate trained, so we can sleep through
the night now. At first she would cry and squall in her
crate at night, sometimes for over an hour, but we worked
with her on it and now she is happy as pie to go in there.
We have her trained for sit, lay down and jump right now. We
are going to start working with her on speak and quiet. Then
it's on to doing tricks.

We have been looking into flyball and agility in the local
area out here. I think we are going to try to put together a
flyball team with our two dogs and our neighbor who also has
a mini aussie, we just need one more.

We attached some pictures with this email.

Ashley and Bill
Hello,                                                                                                March 8, 2010

Just thought we would give you an update on Arya A.K.A. Tanya Tucker. She
is doing GREAT!!! We absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her. She has got the
cutest personality and anytime she sees someone she thinks they are there to
pay attention to her lol. She has graduated her puppy class and is doing very
well. She knows all the basic commands but we are still working with her on
loose leash walking and jumping. She just gets so excited to see everyone that
she pulls really bad on the leash and try's to jump on them lol. She just got
spayed last week and goes tomorrow to get her stitches out. She is recovering
very well. The 2nd day she acted like nothing even happened. Her and Maxie get
along great!! They lay together and even though she is twice Max's size she uses
him as a pillow. Its very cute.She has gotten very big she weighs 31 lbs now. We
love her to death and we Thank you guys so much for allowing us to bring her
into our home. I know my Dad is very fond of her as well and wants an Aussie
now. So come April when you guys have some puppies Available I might buy one
for him as an early birthday gift. But thank you guys again.

Ashley and Bill