Ozzie, with the ball, playing with Mika and Chloe
King's Gate offers boarding by

King's Gate is pleased to offer boarding on a limited basis to, not
only our pups, but also other dogs that need a temporary home.  

We are unique in our style of boarding, in that we feel it is
important that your dog's experience is as much like home as
possible.  We make them a part of our family during their stay.

Your dog will receive plenty of love, affection, and exercise
while they practice all-important social skills as they become a
part of the pack.  It's a great experience for everyone!

It is such a great time when we get to have one of our pups back
for a little while, but we also look forward to welcoming new
friends of all breeds.
"Jake" our English Pointer friend
Jake, hanging out with Chloe and

These are the items that we request from you:

  • Provide proof of current vaccinations.
  • A collar and leash with I.D. tag and current rabies tag.
  • Enough food for the length of stay.
  • Any special bedding and toys that will make your dog's stay more like home.
  • Contact information and vet information.


Any of our pups:  $15.00 per day

All others:  $20.00 per day

Call or e-mail for an appointment.

We reserve the right to refuse to board any animal that we feel might be a threat to the health and safety of our family & dogs.
We are moving to the new house this fourth of July weekend.  The new facility can't handle as
many dogs as the old, so boarding will need to be limited from here on out.  If you already have an
appointment for a future stay, then don't worry, we will be ready.  If not, then call right away to
check availability.